Dental Implant Dentures in Deer Park Texas

Old fashioned denture problems!

Old fashioned dentures are not stable. The dentures move and shift. They rub on the gum tissue and cause ulcertations. Want to eat fresh vegetables…forget about it. Old fashioned dentures require messey denture adhesives to try to stabilize the denture.

Deer Park Texas Dental Implant Dentures:

Many people with old fashioned dentures suffer from complications such as slippage, bothersome adhesive gels and oral glues and the inability to eat certain foods, and. Thanks to advancements in dental impalnt dentistry, Dr. Nugent can offer a stable and cosmetic dental implant denture. This denture is stable and secure because the dentures “snaps” onto the dental implants.


Dental Implant Dentures


Dr. Nugent makes it his mission to utilize the most valuable dental techniques to improve the lives of his patients. Implant dentures can offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Greater Stability – The dentures have a significantly reduced chance of slipping and shifting
  • Eat the foods you want – The dentures are stable and secure and allow patients to eat their favorite foods
  • No gels and glues – Because they are implanted, there is no need for adhesives to hold them in place.
  • More natural look and feel – The dentures are precisely aligned and shaped specifically to fit your mouth.

Am I a candidate for implant dentures?

Implant supported dentures can offer enhanced security, comfort, and confidence to patients wanting a better alternative over old fashioned dentures. Ideal patients for dental implant dentures should have healthy gum tissue and adequate jawbone to receive the dental implants.




What is the recovery period like for implant dentures?

The downtime following the implant supported dentures procedure is generally very minimal. Most of Dr. Nugent’s dental implant patients take over-the-counter pain medication for post-surgery comfort. Very rarely is prescription pain medicine needed.

What will implant dentures do for me?

Dental implant dentures offer patients freedom from the limitations and inconveniences of old fashioned dentures. A huge benefit of anchoring dentures into place is the ability to eat better. Implant dentures are stable and secure. Also, dental implant dentures can will stop bone loss of the jaw.

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