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Dental implants represent the most advanced way to replace missing teeth. An old fashioned way to replace missing teeth is a dental bridge. In the past this was the best that dentistry could offer. However, old fashioned bridges had numerous disadvantages. Old fashioned bridges 1) damage healthy because the dentist would have to grind away tooth to make space for the bridge 2) the damaged healthy teeth often needed root canals because of the aggressive cutting 3) fail very frequently because of decay on the support teeth or because of a root canal that went bad.

Dental Implants are better than Bridges

Dr. Nugent can create dental implant bridges that do not have the disadvantages of an old fashioned bridge. A dental implant bridge does NOT get decay, damage healthy teeth or need a root canal. The main reason patients choose a dental implant bridge is it allows for the replacement of the missing teeth with the fewest of dental implants.

Dental Implant Bridge Deer Park Texas

This patient had an old fashioned bridge. Both support teeth got decay and rotted out the tooth and the bridge came out. Patient wanted a replacement solution that did not come out. A dental implant bridge was proposed.

Dental Implant Bridge

Dr. Nugent hates old fashioned bridges because of the many disadvantages they present. A single dental implant is better for the patient than an old fashioned bridge. Dr. Nugent likes dental implant bridges because they offer patients 1) teeth that do not come out 2)teeth that will never get decay or need a root canal 3) the implant bridge does not damage healthy teeth 4) implant bridge will replace multiple teeth with only two dental implants.

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