Dental Implant Advantages

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Dental Implants are The Most Advanced Way to Replace Missing Teeth. Dental Implant Restorations Look, Feel and Act Like Normal Teeth!

Read About All The Advantages of Dental Implants!

1. Missing teeth replaced with Implants will not damage other teeth. Old fashioned bridges and partial dentures damage teeth. A bridge requires aggressive grinding away of healthy tooth structure. This tooth structure is lost forever. Partial dentures require metal claps to grab teeth. Partial dentures transmit increased forces to the anchor teeth and can cause these support teeth to become lose and fall out.

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2. With dental implants your mouth will be restored as closely as possible to its natural state. Replacing the entire tooth from the root on up makes it possible to completely replicate natural teeth. Dental implants provide a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing.

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. See why Dr. Nugent is the best dental implant dentist in Pasadena Texas.
3. Prevent Bone Loss with Dental Implants— The jawbone is there to support teeth. When a tooth is lost the surrounding bone starts to disappear. Jawbone loss causes collapse of the facial structure causing wrinkles and a premature elderly appearance. Dental Implants are the only dental option that preserve and stimulate bone levels.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss
4. Implants increase the enjoyment of eating! Be more confident in social settings with implants. Dental implants allow patients to eat with the same chewing forces as natural teeth. Furthermore, old fashioned dentistry options like dentures and partials can accidentally fall out. Can you imagine the embarrassment if your fake plastic teeth fall out at a dinner party? Implants are anchored in the bone and do not come out.

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5. Foods taste better with dental implants. With dentures and partial dentures there is a big bulky plastic area covering the roof of your mouth. This plastic will alter the taste of food. Implanted supported teeth do not block the palate. Enjoy the taste of great cooking with dental implants.
6. Quality of life is enriched with dental implant replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Look healthy and attractive with a healthy full smile of teeth. Be confident and enjoy smiling, laughing, and talking with others.

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7. Live longer with dental implants. With dentures you are forces to eat soft food. This is usually processed foods high in sodium and fats. Dental implants allow you to eat crispy fresh vegetables. Eat better and prevent malnutrition and digestive problems! Fresh Vegetables and fruits are back on the menu with dental implants! Eat the foods you love.

Missing Tooth replaced with a Dental Implant
8. Dental Implant Dentures allow you to relax and not worry about your dentures falling out, moving around, and gagging you. Never stress out about your dentures flying out when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or eat. Implants are securely fused into the jawbone and provide an incredibly stable anchor points.

Dental Implant Dentures
9. Say good-bye to nasty denture adhesives. No more messy gooey denture adhesives. Dental implants dramatically secure your dentures and eliminate denture adhesives.

Dentures on Dental Implants

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