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The Results of Tooth Loss and the benefits of Dental Implants.

As teeth are lost the jaw bone that supported the missing teeth is lost. When all the teeth are missing there will be massive bone loss and a resulting collapse of facial contours.

The face shape changes that will occur include:

  1. A face height decrease that will include wrinkles around the lower face
  2. An exaggerated lower jaw profile
  3. A chin that is rolled in and produces the appearance of a “witch’s chin”
  4. Sagging lip angle that makes the lips look like the patient is frowning
  5. Reduced muscle tone of facial muscles
  6. Gaunt lips
  7. The upper lip will sag and lengthen thus giving an aged appearance

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The PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS of missing teeth.

Patients often try to diminish the psychological effects of missing teeth. Patients will say “Oh it is just one tooth” , “It is in the back and you can’t see it” , or “my parents lost their teeth, I have their genes.” When Dr. Nugent gives people their teeth back through dental implants the overwhelming joy they express is amazing. The patient has a new outlook on life as they can smile freely once more.

Other Effects of missing teeth and denture usage include:

Most patients with old fashioned dentures have some difficulty with speech. The biting forces of dentures is tremendously reduced and chewing efficiency is dramatically reduced.  Food selection is limited is often limited to a soft diet. Nutrition is poor because of limited ability to eat. Teeth are the first part of the digestive system.

How Dental Implant Dentures can improve your life if you are missing all of your teeth.

Dental Implants attach to the jaw bone and provide anchors for the dentures to lock into. Because dental implants are placed in the jawbone they stimulate and preserve bone levels. Patients receiving dental implants no longer have to worry about their dentures slipping or falling out. Dental implant patients no longer have to use messy denture adhesive. Patients are overwhelmed with joy and the freedom that stable dental implant dentures give them.

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Dental Implant Dentures help patients regain facial contours. Plus, they provide secure and stable dentures. You deserve the best in dental implant care. Call our office to schedule you dental implant consultation. Visit us at 3421 Burke Rd #1, Pasadena, Texas 77504.

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