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When you lose a tooth, the bone starts to disappear. Dental implants are the only treatment option that preserves bone. 

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Facial Collapse because of Tooth Loss.

Pasadena Texas DentistIf teeth go missing your body no longer needs  the bone that used to support the teeth. The bone is present to support teeth. Thus, when teeth go missing the jawbone will shrink. Over the course several years there will be noticeable changes to your appearance. The face will collapse in causing a premature elderly appearance. Furthermore, the bone can get so bad that it may become extremely uncomfortable or impossible to wear a denture.

An person that suffers from facial collapse will appear much older than they really are. This is because the teeth and jawbone support the tissue of the fave. When teeth and jawbone are gone the face “sinks” in and collapses. This is what causes the premature elderly appearance.

Also, uncomfortable and painful sores can arise from wearing a denture over a smaller and smaller jawbone. Eventually the jaw will be unable to support the denture. On the lower jaw, the bone can disappear so much that lower jaw nerve is exposed. When the denture rubs on the gum tissue it causes pressure on the nerve causing extreme pain. The loss of bone makes the denture ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Eating is confined to soft mushy food.


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Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

 Dental Implants Preserve Bone:

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that prevents bone loss and facial collapse. During normal chewing of food, the force of chewing is transmitted down the implant into the bone. This stimulates the bone and keeps bone levels healthy and stable. In review, every dental implant that is placed protects and preserves the bone levels. It does not matter if the dental implant is replacing a single tooth, implant dentures or the All on Four dental implant procedure. Implants preserve bone!

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The complete loss of teeth creates a very grim future for patients. Old fashioned dentures do not stimulate and maintain bone. In fact, dentures accelerate the bone loss. Patients in old fashioned dentures often become “oral invalids” There are a myriad of complex problems that arise when a patient is missing all of their teeth. In the past the only choice for patients was dentures. However, modern dental implants have overcome the problems associated with missing all of ones teeth. Discover the advantages of dental implant dentures.

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