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This patient came to Dr. Nugent for a consultation. She was missing a tooth on the top right and wore a denture to hide the missing tooth. She wanted a permanent cosmetic solution to her missing tooth. The best option was a dental implant. She had the dental implant placed and continued to wear her denture while the implant fused to the bone. Then the implant was restored with a white zirconia abutment and a all ceramic (no metal) crown.

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Patient was EXTREMELY happy with her new smile. No more taking a plastic denture in and out of her mouth. She can now talk and eat normally. The cosmetic results were fabulous.

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Dental Implants are the most advanced and longest lasting way to replace missing teeth.

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Dr. Nugent has become a regional leader in dental implants.

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You owe it to yourself to see how dental implants have revolutionized dentistry.

Dental Implants replace missing teeth.

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