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This lovely young lady never developed an adult tooth and wore a plastic denture to hide the missing tooth. She hated the plastic denture but wore it for several years. She wanted the most advanced and most permanent tooth replacement option, she wanted a dental implant. The implant was placed and she continued to wear the denture until the dental implant fused with the jawbone. Then impressions were taking and a custom white zirconia abutment was screwed into the implant. Then an all porcelain crown was placed on top of the abutment. Patient now has a new tooth that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth. No more plastic denture!

Replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Patient loved her new smile. No more taking a bulky denture in and out. The dental implant is permanent. She can now talk and eat normally. The cosmetic results were amazing.


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Dr. Nugent has been helping Deer Park, Texas residents get their self-esteem and smiles back by utilizing dental implant technology. Get the best and most advanced dental solutions to your missing teeth…get dental implants.


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