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This patient was missing a front tooth and wore a bulky plastic denture to replace the missing tooth. The bulk and plastic of the denture was uncomfortable, slipped during eating and altered the taste of food. Patient was tired of her denture and wanted a permanent and cosmetic solution. The patient wanted a dental implant. The dental implant was placed. Then a white zirconium custom abutment was screwed into her implant. Then an all ceramic crown was placed on top of the custom abutment. The beauty and cosmetic results of the dental implant is stunning. The digital x-ray shows how the dental implant replicates a complete natural tooth. Patient was so ecstatic with her new smile. She told me she cannot stop smiling and is no longer self conscious about her smile.

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Deer Park and La Porte, Texas want the most advanced dental implant care possible! Get cosmetic and long lasting results with dental implants. See how Dr. Nugent can change your life. Visit us at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77504.
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