Conventional Denture


Old Fashioned Denture

A denture sits loosely over your gums with no secure connection to the jawbone. The denture is loose and unstable. It is difficult to eat with the denture as the denture lacks a secure connection. The denture will actually accelerate bone loss in the jaw. This causes the denture to become more loose and forces the patient to use more denture adhesives, get a reline or a new denture.

Patients generally hate old fashioned dentures. The dentures are big bulky plastic prosthesis that are placed in the mouth. They sit atop of the gum tissue and are constantly moving. Patients are very restricted as to what they can eat and usually must settle on a soft diet. No more meat or fresh vegetables. Another huge problem is that social embarrassment when the patients dentures fall out during talking, laughing, coughing and kissing.

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