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In the early 20th Century,  medical professionals recognized X-rays as diagnostic tools. X-rays could clearly show structures hidden inside the body without the need for risky surgery. At the dawn of the 21st century, a revolutionary new technology has emerged. Today, Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is changing the way dentistry is performed. Only a select few general dentists have this technolgy. Dr. Nugent is at the cutting edge of technology by having a CBCT in his Pasadena, Texas dental office.

CBCT has some similarities with conventional X-rays, and also with the standard CT scans you would get in a hospital setting. However, it’s a quantum leap forward in technology and diagnostic precision. For Dr. Nugent, CBCT offers the ability to visualize intricate structures inside the mouth, such as root canals, nerves and sinuses (air-filled spaces) in the jaw — in three dimensions — without surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Nugent can do “virtual dental implant placement“.  This virtual implant placement allows Dr. Nugent to be a DIGITAL DENTIST.  For the patient, CBCT can reduce the need for invasive procedures, shorten treatment time and offer the chance for a better outcome.

The detailed diagnostic images that CBCT provides has made it an essential tool in Dr. Nugent’s dental practice. Dr. Nugent has the most advanced dental technologies because he wants to deliver the best and most advanced dental care possible.



How Cone Beam CT Works

X-rays penetrate bone and soft tissue and show just one picture.

The Cone Beam uses a rotating scanner that moves around the patient’s head. This scanner records between 150 and 600 different X-ray views in under a minute. Next, a powerful computer processes the information and creates a virtual model.  This model appears as a three-dimensional image on a computer screen. Dr. Nugent can rotated your Skull from side to side or up and down, examined areas in greater or less detail, and manipulated the image in any number of ways. More advanced data

Now imagine a “flip book” — the kind of small book made up of a series of pictures, each slightly different. When you rapidly page through it, you may see (for example) an animated cartoon or a still subject from different perspectives. When you put together a flip book made from a series of X-ray “slices” of the same subject, taken at slightly different angles, you will be able to create an “animation” of the X-rays. Then  it’s only one more step to making a 3-D model.

Cone Beam X-ray Pasadena Texas Dentist

Where Cone Beam CT Is Used

The ability to see fine anatomical structures in 3-D provides Dr. Nugent an invaluable diagnostic abilities in many areas of dentistry.

  • Dental implants: Detailed CBCT images are used to determine the optimum location for the dental implants while avoiding nerves, sinuses and vital anatomical structures.
  • Oral Surgery: Visualize impacted teeth is aided by the level of fine detail in 3-D shown in these scans.
  • Sleep Apnea: Imaging the tissues and structures of the nose, mouth and throat can aid in diagnosis and treatment of this dangerous condition.

Advanced Dental Implants and Cone Beam X-rays


Dr. Nugent will digitally plan your implant on the computer. He will evaluate angulation and depth of the implant. Furthermore, he will verify that the implant will not hit any crucial anatomical structures. Once he is satisfied with the surgical plan, he will create a surgical guide. Dr. Nugent will print this guide on his 3D printer. The guide literally “guides” the surgery so Dr. Nugent can place the implant exactly where he planned it. By utilizing a surgical guide Dr. Nugent can place the dental implant faster, safer and more predictable.

Dental Implant Surgical Guide


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