Bridges Fail


Dental Implants are Superior to Old Fashioned Bridges:


An unfortunate problem our office sees is failing old fashioned bridges. This is a huge dental and financial problem. Bridges are very difficult to keep clean. Thus, bacteria will decay the tooth underneath the bridge.

bridge fail
Failing Bridge: Decay has rotted out a support tooth.
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Decay area in RED. Bone loss in BLUE.











More disadvantageous of old fashioned bridges include:

  • Irreversible destruction of healthy teeth
  • Bridges do nothing to stimulate and preserve gum and bone levels
  • Bridges have poor long term successes
  • Often the support teeth of bridges need a root canal due to aggressive tooth removal in order to place the bridge
Deer Park Texas Dental Bridge
Implants do not damage adjacent teeth
Dental Bridge Pasadena Texas
Bridges destroy healthy teeth








Dental Implants are better than bridges.

Dental implant or Bridge

Dental implants overcome all the shortcomings of old fashioned bridges. You deserve the best dentistry has to offer.

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Dental implants replace missing teeth.

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