Bridge Failure, Implants Save the Day


Dental implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are old fashioned and damage adjacent teeth. Bridges fuse multiple teeth together and make cleaning difficult. Often, anchor teeth on bridges get decay. This forces the patient into a dental and financial nightmare. Dental implants suffer none of the shortcomings of dental bridges. Dr. Nugent has used dental implants to replace teeth for his family, in-laws, friends, office team members and the daughter of his hygienist. So when Dr. Nugent recommends a dental implant you know that you are getting the same treatment he does for his loved ones.

Dental Bridge



This patient had received a dental bridge. The bridge fused 4 teeth together. How could she possible keep everything clean?




Tooth Decay


Once of the anchor teeth got decay. The decay is drawn in purple. Please note the area in red. The red represents the bone loss the patient has suffered due to having a bridge. A bridge does NOT preserve and maintain bone levels. The fake tooth only floats over the gum tissue. Dental Implants preserve bone levels by transmitting the chewing forces to the bone. This stimulation keeps bone happy and healthy.



Deer Park Dental Implants


The severe bone loss created a huge problem. The bone quality was extremely poor. Instead of invasive bone grafting surgeries Dr. Nugent was able to put two crowns onto one implant.



This is what it is all about. A super happy patient!!!!

Dental Implant Patient Pasadena Texas














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Dental Implants Deer Park Texas



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Dental Implants!

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

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