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Dr. Nugent can utilize dental implants to make you advanced dental implant dentures.

Dental Implant Dentures

Traditional denture techniques are outdated. For thousands of years, the technique has involved resting fake teeth on the gum tissue. This outdated denture can slip, may fall out during speech, requires messy adhesives, and can rub ulcers on the gum tissue. Furthermore, outdated dentures do not preserve bone levels. Thus, the bone and facial contours will collapse and lead to a much older looking appearance.

With dental implants, Dr. Nugent can “lock” in your dentures. Dental implants preserve bone and facial contours. The implant dentures are very secure and do not move.

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You deserve the most advanced dental treatment possible. Let Dr. Nugent show you the many advantages of dental implant dentures. Call 713-941-8262 for a consultation about dental implant dentures.

What are implant dentures?

What are the advantages of implant dentures over outdated dentures?

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The sky is the limit when dealing with dental rehabilitation and dental implants. Most of Dr. Nugent’s patients start with a simple two implant denture. This is the minimum amount of implants needed to bring a patient into the dental implant denture realm. Another cool fact about dental implants is that one can always upgrade their implant dentistry. While most patients start with two implants, they soon realize the tremendous advantages of implants and opt to receive more implants.

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Pasadena Texas Implant Dentures

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