Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Pasadena TexasBenefits of Dental Implants:

Losing a tooth or several teeth makes a gap in your smile, which means you cannot chew properly and this can even alter your dietary habits. It can also put a dent in your confidence. One of the best ways of addressing this issue is by getting a dental implant.

The process of getting a dental implant entails having Dr. Nugent insert a titanium cylinder that serves as a replacement for the root section of the missing natural tooth. The cylinder then fuses to your jaw (lower or upper) and becomes the base for the replacement tooth. Unlike other methods such as fixed bridges which require replacement two or three times in a person’s lifetime, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. To get a dental implant, all you require are healthy, fully developed jawbone and gums to ensure a good support for the implants.

Dental implants provide numerous advantages, namely:

1. They last long and look good.

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants are stable, cosmetically superior and look more like real teeth. They also fit and function just like a natural teeth. If you get a dental implant, you might even forget that you have lost a tooth. Unlike dentures which may slip or click, implants remain firmly in place for many years and this results in improved appearance and better confidence.

Dental Implant Pasadena Texas

2. They protect and preserve adjacent teeth.

Since dental implants are anchored independently of the neighboring teeth, they help to retain the integrity of your teeth. They fuse with the jawbone in exactly the same spot as the missing teeth, meaning no decay of the surrounding healthy teeth. In contrast, getting a teeth-supported bridge means grinding the teeth adjacent to the tooth-gap which can result in irreversible damage to the teeth. Dental implants also stop surrounding teeth from shifting. When your jawbone is not supporting a natural tooth, it degenerates and loses its strength and solidity. A dental implant is the only teeth restoration option that stimulates bone growth.

Dental Implants are better than Bridges

3. Helps your speech to remain natural.

Poorly-fitted dentures can slip and result in mumbled or slurred speech. With dental implants, you can speak without worrying that your teeth might slip.

4. Reduced discomfort.

Since they become part of you, implants are comfortable, unlike other dental restoration options such as dentures or partial dentures.

5. You can eat as you wish.

Dentures can slide and lead to difficulty when chewing. Dental implants function like natural teeth, which means you can confidently and painlessly eat your favorite foods. You will also chew more thoroughly, which improves your nutrition and digestion.

6. Easy maintenance.

Taking proper care of the crown of an implant is done the same way as a regular tooth. Therefore it involves the normal regime of regular brushing and flossing and visiting a dentist for periodic checkups.

7. Prevent common health problems linked to failing teeth.

The crown of a dental implant cannot develop cavities. Nevertheless you need to clean and take proper care of it and make scheduled visits to your dentist. Therefore dental implants result in improved oral hygiene and reduced chances of dental complications such as periodontal disease, bacterial infections and inflammations. Such problems can lead to severe health problems like heart attack, diabetes or stroke if left unchecked.

8 . Maintain natural facial shape.

A mouth with missing teeth can lead to a sad, sagging and sunken facial appearance. Dental implants help to restore and retain a natural facial shape and smile.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

9. No displacement due to common activities.

Other restoration options like dentures may get displaced due to normal activities like kissing, smiling, talking, coughing or yawning. Dental implants are fixed to your jawbone so they cannot shift, move or click.

10. Get the best treatment.

Dr. Nugent has completed dental implants on his parents, in-laws and team members. Dental implants are truly the best way to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants for the Family

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