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Dental Implant Pasadena, Texas with Dr. Michael NugentPasadena, Texas Dental Implants:

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Teeth can be lost due to trauma, decay, failed root canals or periodontal disease.  Dental Implants are the only tooth  replacement option that replace the ENTIRE tooth and not just the top of the tooth. Dental Implants replace the root and the crown of the missing tooth. Because the implant is placed into the jawbone, the bone levels stay healthy. Adjacent teeth are not damaged like old fashioned bridges or partial dentures.

 What is a Dental Implant?


This patient lost a tooth due to a failing bridge. She decided to replace the now two missing teeth with dental implants. She can eat, brush and floss her implant teeth just like natural teeth.


Michael Nugent DDS is a leader in dental implant treatment for Pasadena and Deer Park Texas.Dental Implants Deer Park Texas with Dr. Michael Nugent



Single Tooth Missing – Treatment Options


This patient lost a single tooth. She was mortified of having to drill on two perfect teeth to make a bridge. Dr. Nugent agrees that bridges are horrible treatment when a dental implant can be used. She got one dental implant and saved her adjacent teeth.

Dentist in Pasadena Texas that does Dental ImplantsDeer Park Dental Implant Dentist with Dr. Michael Nugent








Dr. Michael Nugent is a General Dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd #1, Pasadena, Texas 77504. He has a strong focus on dental implants. He is part of a small percentage of General dentists in the Nation that has a 3-D Cone beam X-ray unit. This advanced technology allows Dr. Nugent to accurately place your dental implant while avoiding anatomical structures.

Advanced Dental Implants and Cone Beam

Digital Implant Surgery


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Dental Implants for the Family

Dental implants will restore your dental health. Dr. Nugent can both surgical place and then restore your dental implant.

Denral Implant Dentist Pasadena Texas

Dr. Nugent in control of your dental implant process from start to finish. Stay in the same office from start to finish.

Dental implants replace missing teeth.

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