All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Dental Implant DenturesDental Implant Options for Complete Rehabilitation.

The most common use of a dental implant is to replace a single natural tooth. However, they can also be used for complete rehabilitation. When natural teeth are lost the jawbone that once supported the teeth rapidly disappears. Consequently, patients needing complete make-overs often do not have ideal jaw bone. Therefore, patients in the past had to go through lengthy and costly bone grafts in order to bulk up the jaw bone. The All on Four is an innovative and novel procedure that originated in Europe has overcome problems with inadequate bone levels.

The All on Four dental implant treatment works differently. Dr. Nugent can use four dental implants (sometimes five or six) to completely support a full set of teeth. Instead of attaching a single tooth to each dental implant, these four implants will support a fixed prosthesis with fourteen teeth.

All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas
The unique aspect of the All on Four Dental Implant procedure is that the rear dental implants are angled. By angling the dental implants the implants 1) can be longer and engage more bone and 2) avoid the Maxillary Sinus in the upper jaw and the Inferior Alveolar Nerve in the lower jaw.

What to Expect with an All on Four Dental Implant Procedure:

The initial visit is with Dr. Nugent to discuss your treatment. Molds will be taken to start to fabricate your new teeth. Next, the patient will meet with Dr. Nugent’s Oral Surgeon. The Oral Surgeons will call Dr. Nugent and Dr. Nugent will remote into the Oral Surgeons computer. They will discuss the implant placements and the details to ensure a stable and cosmetic result.

On the day of your transformation, you will go to the oral surgeon where any remaining teeth are extracted. Then the oral surgeon will place the dental implants. Then Dr. Nugent will work with the dental lab technician to attach your teeth to the newly placed dental implants. This procedure is done under I.V. Sedation for patient comfort.
While the implants are fusing to the bone you must eat soft foods. Dr. Nugent’s rule is “if you can’t cut it with a fork it is not soft enough.” After about four months, Dr. Nugent will replace the transitional teeth with the robust permanent hybrid teeth. Now you are ready to eat anything you want!! Even ribs!



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