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The All-on-Four dental implant protocol is the ideal solution for those who have lost or are about to lose all of their upper and/or lower teeth. With this protocol, you have a new set of permanent teeth (you don’t take them out at night) that look and function like your natural teeth. This procedure is the most economical long term solution for patients that want the best in implant care.

Patients who replace their old fashioned dentures with All-on-Four dental implants will never have to take their teeth out at night. The new replacement teeth are easily cleaned just like a natural set of teeth.

If you are faced with the unfortunate reality of having to have all your teeth extracted, the All-on-Four dental implant will allow you to never experience the horrible effects of dentures. Old fashioned dentures need messy denture adhesive, rub on the gum tissue and are constantly moving. Patients are always in a constant state of fear because they never know when their dentures will fall out.

All on 4 Pasadena TX

The All-on-Four dental implant protocol uses four dental implants to secure permanent replacement teeth. The dental implants are specifically designed for immediate function and typically do not need expensive bone grafting. The posterior implants are angled in order to engage more bone and to avoid critical anatomical structures. Older methods use 8-12 implants that were more invasive and brought increased cost to the patient.

Receive Beautiful New Teeth in One Day

The strong structure of the replacement teeth and dental implant anchorage allow patients to go home on the day of surgery and eat. This is possible even if the patient requires extensive teeth extractions.

Your fully functional set of teeth looks feels and functions like natural teeth. Boost your self-confidence and once again experience the foods and activities you love.

Eat what you want Not what you can!

All on 4 Dental Implants

The Benefits with All-on-Four

  • Angled implants avoid bone grafting surgery
  • Angled implants avoid critical anatomical areas
  • Restores chewing ability to almost that of natural teeth
  • Requires little recovery time and is minimally invasive
  • Lower cost when compared to replacing all teeth with implants
  • Easy cleaning for proper oral hygiene
  • Can eat all types of foods
  • Does not come out
  • Long-term results
  • Regain a youthful appearance because the implant stabilize bone level
  • Final treatment creates a beautiful new smile in just one day
  • Boost self-confidence and overall quality of life

Pasadena All on four dental implants

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All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas