Old Fashioned Dentures


Old fashioned dentures are well…Old fashioned. Nothing has changed with the concept of old fashioned dentures for thousands of years. Dentures are made to resemble teeth and then jammed into someone’s mouth. Dentures only look like teeth. They in no way function like teeth.  Dentures are big bulky plastic prosthesis that merely sit/float on the gum tissue. You are lucky if they stay put and good luck trying to eat anything other than soft foods.




Dentures Pasadena TexasProblems with Old Fashioned Dentures:

  1. Poor chewing ability
  2. Do not stay in place
  3. Rub sore spots on the gum tissue
  4. Fall out causing social embarrassment
  5. Need messy denture adhesives for stability
  6. INCREASE bone and gum tissue deterioration
  7. Alter the taste of food
  8. Difficulty speaking
  9. Must be taken out at night
  10. Bulky

“Old fashioned dentures only increase your dental disability”

—Michael Nugent DDS

When the teeth are lost the underlying bone starts to disappear because the bone is no longer needed to support the teeth. Therefore, patients without teeth start to lose jawbone and gum tissue. Their jaws literally will start to disappear. Wearing old fashioned dentures ACCELERATES the disappearance of bone. The old fashioned dentures rubbing on the gum tissue increase the rate at which the bone and gum tissue disappear.

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This leads to a Dental Disability Death Spiral:

  1. The bone and gum tissue disappear because of the lack of teeth.
  2.  Dentures rub on the gum tissue accelerating gum tissue and bone loss.
  3. The dentures become more unstable because the gum tissue and bone is disappearing.
  4.  The denture then rubs more often on the gum tissue and bone loss is accelerated.
  5.  The dentures no longer fit because the jawbone is missing.
  6.  New dentures are made. However, the jawbone is almost completely gone so there is nothing for the new dentures to rest on.
  7. Bone loss keeps on occurring. Dentures never fit right no matter how well the dentures are made.
  8. Patient becomes severely dental disabled and is an oral invalid.

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Denture Relines:


Dental Implant Dentures:

Dental Implant Dentures eliminate all the problems of old fashioned dentures. The implant dentures will “snap” onto the implants that are anchored in the jaw. No more loose or unstable dentures.

Dental implants are the only dental treatment option that stimulate and preserve bone levels. Dental implants MUST be considered as your primary option when replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are extremely versatile. They can be used to replace single missing teeth or serve as anchor points for dental implant dentures. Advanced fixed (does not come out) total teeth replacement options like the All on Four are possible with dental implants.

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