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After my All on Four surgery what type of follow-up visits are necessary?

Dr. Nugent usually sees patients for post-op examinations at one week, two weeks, two months, and five months. After five months, the creation of the permanent teeth begins which will require several short appointments.

Dr. Nugent, what can I eat after my All-on-4 procedure? Will I be able to eat normally again?

On the day of the surgery a very soft or liquid diet is advised for your comfort. Then a modified soft diet is required while the bone fuses to the dental implants. This modified soft food diet includes: pasta, scrambled eggs, yogurt, mash potatoes, meat loaf, and fish. Food that require tearing and biting with the front teeth must be avoided (apples, pizza, sandwiches).

The modified diet is only temporary while the bone fuses to the dental implants. Once Dr. Nugent makes the final prosthesis you will be cleared to eat whatever you want. This is because the dental implants will be solid in the bone and the new permanent prosthesis will be titanium reinforced. Once completed the All on Four Dental Implant procedure will allow you to eat any food you desire.

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